City Captain Rome (Photographer)

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City Captain Rome (Photographer)

Job description

What you will be doing in this role:

  • You will be responsible for providing guidance, instruction, training, and leadership skills with a smile to inspire your own Smiler team to perform at their optimum.

  • You will be the ‘go-to’ person for three different stakeholders:
    • Smiler HQ - you’ll be our face on the ground. We’ll expect you to manage operations, report back to us and generally be available to test things out / answer questions. You will be reporting directly to the city captain.

    • Smiler Photographer Team - You’ll be the source of information and knowledge for your team. They count on you to lead them, show them the ropes and generally help with their day-to-day work.

    • Venues - Potentially the most important. You’ll be able to deal with all operations for us, and for them. When they have a question, you’ll be their first point of contact.

  • We have a certain set of KPIs to track to. We’ll give you full training on these, but you’ll be responsible for ensuring that your team hits them!

About your team:

You’ll be the middleman between the Smiler HQ and (your) Smiler photographers. We’ll expect you to run a tight ship, while still ensuring that you maintain the Smiler vibe which is nicely summarised in this statement: “The World is our playground” - let’s have fun on a global scale while scaling and growing this business!

Your key responsibilities, you are;

  • Be organised - managing the day-to-day activities of your dream team. This means:
    • Making sure they’re aware of their shifts, responsibilities and KPIs

    • Finding new ways to achieve greatness. If something isn’t working, take a different approach - you’re the local expert. We know that Smiler works in a range of different countries and locations, but you’re our geo expert for a reason!

  • Be the biggest cheerleader on your team: motivating the team to achieve goals (15-20 photo shoots per hour).

  • Smiler Mindset: Have a “everything is figure-outable & just do it mindset”, look for opportunities and solutions outside the box.

  • Be available: You’ll be available for 24-40 hours a week spread across weekdays and mostly weekends.

  • Be a Leader: Your example will inspire others to perform. This is sometimes quite a task - you have to be mentally strong and be able to dust yourself off, pick yourself up and get going again!

Job requirements

What you are able to bring to the table

  • You speak and write fluent Italian and English
  • Love to smile & learn
  • High School Diploma or similar.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ photography work experience.
  • On-the-job training.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Confidence and photography skills.
  • Computer literate for the uploading process and performance tracking.
  • Strong organizational skills to give the team direction.

About us

Smiler believes that valuable memories deserve to be captured in high quality. It’s our mission to achieve that on a global scale for everyone, everywhere. We are the world’s first on-the-spot photography marketplace that brings photographers and consumers together at tourist hotspots and other leisure locations. Imagine worldwide all those beautiful places where memories are created like museums, sports stadiums, concert halls, beach clubs, theme parks, cruises and zoos. Smiler is globally one of the most ambitious and fastest-growing scale-ups to achieve international scale in lightning speed.

Does this sound like that challenge you’re looking for?

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