Senior Software Engineer (Python)

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Senior Software Engineer (Python)

Job description

What you will be doing in this role:

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be working on several API-first applications, directly contributing to how our users experience our product. We design and deliver products for our end consumers, photographers, and business partners such as museums, attractions, landmarks, zoos, and distribution partners with whom we work. This level of responsibility requires excellence in designing, developing, and delivering mission-critical pieces of functionality as we grow and scale rapidly.

You like to work in an agile way; going from idea to deployment might take a few hours or up to a few weeks. The development process is a team effort, you work closely together with other stakeholders. You can get things done fast but in a smart and future-proof way. As our team is rapidly growing, your code should be easy to understand so that new team members can quickly get started. As you’re a team player, you’ll happily switch between writing new features on your own, helping out your colleagues, and doing code reviews.

About your team:

At Smiler, the product and development teams are all aiming for a very high quality of UX and UI in terms of design, functionality, and code. We like to go that extra mile.

We are a team of passionate people, who truly see the value in Smiler and have lots in common - the most important thing is: we all love to smile, and we’re all avid travelers who see opportunity in places you wouldn’t necessarily immediately see. That’s also why we believe in working anywhere. We celebrate our adventurous travel passion by giving you the freedom to work wherever you want. Made up of industry experts from all walks of life, you’ll be able to learn and teach. We want you for your expertise and insights. This is a team effort with a focus on user value.

You will be part of a multidisciplinary team combining roles such as product owners, designers, data specialists, and frontend and (other) software engineers. As Senior Software Engineer, you report to the Head of Engineering.

Your key responsibilities:

  • You and your team are responsible for the backend APIs and business logic that powers Smiler;

  • Make architectural decisions and recommendations for converting successful prototypes into mature API-first products

  • Take long term responsibility of implementing, testing, and maintaining scalable and high-performing solutions

  • Collaborate with teams across Smiler to improve and build features that millions of people will use

  • Review code and make sure that new features match the product vision and our security and performance standards

  • Continuously improve our agile development process

Job requirements

What you are able to bring to the table:

  • At least 3 years of backend development experience

  • Strong proficiency with Python

  • Excellent understanding of modern web technologies, architectures, and technical design.

  • Curiosity, pragmatic way of thinking, and strong collaboration skills

  • Ability to translate product requirements into a technical design

  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals

  • You can communicate effectively with other engineers and non-technical people

  • Excellent English communication skills

  • Ability to think on your feet and accept change as a constant

  • Excellent understanding of modern web technologies, architectures, and technical design

  • Critical thinking when it comes to balancing short-term needs with long-term goals

Does this sound like the challenge you’re looking for?

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About us:

Smiler believes that valuable memories deserve to be captured in high quality. It’s our mission to achieve that on a global scale for everyone, everywhere. We are the world’s first on-the-spot photography marketplace that brings photographers and consumers together at tourist hotspots and other leisure locations. Imagine worldwide all those beautiful places where memories are created like museums, sports stadiums, concert halls, beach clubs, bars, theme parks, and zoos. Smiler is globally one of the most ambitious and fastest-growing scale-ups to achieve international scale in lightning speed. Think about how Uber revolutionized taxi travel - that’s what Smiler is about to do for photography. Join us.